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We are currently offering an additional 10 year guarantee because we are so confident in our service

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Cracked drain before being fixed by pipe relining


After - a cracked drain that has been relined using Brawoliner technology by The Relining Company


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Year Life Expectancy

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The Relining Company CCTV

Two Free Yearly Pipe CCTV Inspections  

We will perform two free yearly CCTV surveys on our relined pipes to monitor our work

You receive a USB with all video footage

Each survey is valued at $450


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We wear boot protectors so that we can keep your home clean and free of mud

We clean up after we finish so you don't have to

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction


Developed in Germany Brawoliner is the world leader in pipe relining technology. That is why we choose to exclusively use Brawoliner for all of our pipe relining jobs. We use quality materials because we believe that pipe relining should be a long lasting solution to your problems. Because we are so confident in our product and our work we offer a massive 25 year guarantee on all work carried out. In addition all Brawoliner products have a 50 year life expectancy.

Check Out These Videos Of Previous Jobs

and see how we saved other people time and money

Bellevue Hill – Strata building

“The strata was paying continuous bills to have the roots jet blasted from the pipes as it was causing the units to block up and residents were unable to use the toilets. To save the building the cost of breaking their concrete driveway and the inconvenience of them not being able to drive in the driveway for 3 days, we simply relined the pipe for half the cost and finished the job in 4 hours.”

Drummoyne – Residential property

“We received a call out to unblock the client’s toilet. Once we inspected the problem we noticed the trees and plants in the garden had caused the pipe to crack and create a blockage from all of the roots in the ground. As a result we jet blasted the pipe so that it would clear the blockage and returned the next day to reline the affected area. This saved our client the ongoing cost of having a plumber come and unblock her drains.”

Ashfield – Council job

“The local council contacted us to investigate why their stormwater system was not flowing correctly and was causing water to pool up in pedestrian areas. We found that due to the large dislodgements and cracks within the pipeline debris and rubbish was getting caught. By us relining the pipe we created a smooth run within the pipe and eliminated all the lips in the joints to prevent this from happening again.”

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